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that's some shit right there...

okay, so it's been a while since we broke up, but i still want to vent and talk some mad shit:

daniel anthony nyman (aka "dirty dani", aka "crabfuck") is the biggest piece of faggot shit to hit this planet. not only did our entire relationship consist of him using me for sex, in the process he lied to me about smoking meth, cheated on me with one of myfriends, stole a bunch of shit, talked a bunch of shit.. and gave me fucking crabs.. and denied everything. he's one of the most egotistical, two-faced, vile people in the history of time. apparently, he's moving to the east coast to work for some guy. chances are he's gonna fuck the dude and fuck shit up with that family, since he's a cheap-ass skanky fucking ho-bag, and he really needs to shoot himself in the face.

~bitter ex
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