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a pre-class bitching:

goddamn. my life is totally crazy lately, with work and school and whatnot. but shit, my roommate's on umployment and still doesn't life a finger around this place. it's not like he's a bad roommate or anything, but he must of had one of those moms that constantly picked up after him and never made him clean his room. so the dishes never get done.. the garbage just piles up.. he hasn't even unpacked all his shit yet and we've been living here two months, so his computer and crap just sits in the living room.. and he lays there on the floor like a big log. he keeps his cats locked in a room because he still hasn't given the manager the deposit for the screens (we live in the ghetto, folks) and whenever he opens his door the entire house reeks of cat feces. i can't even burn nag champa to cover up the smell because it burns his eyes or he's allergic to smoke or something. that's all off the top of my head; i have to go to drawing for three hours, then come home to a dirty, stinky house.
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