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My anchient wrinkled wait who the hell do you think you are

I thought I'd be in heaven when I found this community...WHATS WRONG HERE, I see far less shittalking than belly rubbing...

You wanna talk shit, talk shit..about PEOPLE OOOOOOOO.

bradfits needs to get laid.
angelicdestiny isn't realy all that beautiful.
bratshannon needs a fucking hug, and less pets.
gigglecam hey lady who the fuck is that guy, and why are you holding a cake?
ivey eat somthing once in a while and I'd marry you
dormondo *in squeaky voice* hi I'm dormondo I'm 25, single and I like DNS
wolfiegirl I stole ganrdengnomes when I was a kid, and shot them, with bb guns, so thbbbt
meow I still don't get it, maybe that's cause I'm not so burnt fram traveling my brain is cooked...
darthjebus I sit at home, and watch simpsons reruns, smoke pot, and talk about how george lucas's first movie kicks ass
pinkiekitten BUNG!
skidmarksteve ...

and the communities!

iconaddicts these people suck.
thefallchildren as if davey himself didn't make a large enough sucking sound

< -- lj user=anydumpbastardwholistsMUSICasaninterest -- >

is short, fuck everyone!
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